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Clinical Practice Guidelines - NSW Health - Paediatric

In line with the Statewide Paediatric Network's goal for standardised quality of care, multidisciplinary working groups from all three Child Health Networks have developed guidelines for the treatment of the most common paediatric presentations to emergency departments. The following have been developed:

Other NSW Health Policy Directives for the care of children have also been developed:

Visit the NSW Health web site for a full list of policies pertaining to the baby and child.

Additional guidelines for HNEkidshealth, Children's Health Network staff are also available on their web site.



  • It should be noted that these documents reflect what is currently regarded as a safe and appropriate approach to care. However, as in any clinical situation there may be factors which cannot be covered by a single set of guidelines, this document should be used as a guide, rather than as a complete authorative statement of procedures to be followed in respect of each individual presentation. It does not replace the need for the application of clinical judgment to each individual presentation.

  • Each Local Health District is responsible for ensuring that local protocols based on these guidelines are developed. Area Health Services are also responsible for ensuring that all staff treating paediatric patients are educated in the use of the locally developed paediatric guidelines and protocols.

  • In the interests of patient care it is critical that contemporaneous, accurate and complete documentation is maintained during the course of patient management from arrival to discharge. .

  • Parental anxiety should not be discounted: it is often of significance even if the child does not appear especially unwell.

  • The clinical guidelines published on this web site are only a guide and should not be used in place of consultation with senior medical staff.

  • Furthermore, these are acute care guidelines and must be locally adopted to suit each locality and facility type.

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