Management of children with cleft palate and related speech disorders
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John Hunter Children's Hospital Cleft Palate Clinic

About the cleft palate clinic

The cleft palate team is a multi-disciplinary team which specialises in the assessment and management of children with cleft lip and/or palate or non-cleft velopharyngeal disorders.

Children attend the cleft palate clinic a number of times in the first year of life, according to clinical need. Once surgery is complete, and a post-surgical check has occurred, they then attend approximately once per year, usually around the time of their birthday.

The JHCH cleft palate team are all present in the clinic room for these appointments. This format facilitates collaborative clinical decision making together with the patient and their family. Individual appointments with cleft palate team members also occur as needed.


Meet the Cleft Palate Team


Photo of Dr Larry Roddick

Cleft palate Team Leader
and Paediatrician
Dr Laurence Roddick (wmv 20.7M)

Photo of Jana Carr

Speech Pathologists' Speech pathology Team Leader
Ms Jana Carr (wmv 7.6M)


Phone: 4921 3727

Pager: 5737 via JHCH Switch 4921 3000

Fax: 4985 5460

Postal: Locked Bag 1,
Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310

Photo of Dr Catherine Boorer

Plastic surgeon
Dr Catherine Boorer (wav 11.3M)
John Hunter Children's Hospital
& Sydney Children's Hospital

Photo of Dr Whitehead

Paediatric Respiratory

Dr Bruce Whitehead (wmv 15.2M)

Photo of Dr Paul Walker


Assoc Prof Paul Walker (wav 2.6M)

Photo of Dr Wilson

Maxillo facial Surgeon
Dr Ian Wilson (wmv 12.8M)

Photo of Prof Matthew Edwards

Prof Matthew Edwards

Photo of Dr Cornwell

Paediatric Dentist
Dr Helen Cornwell (wmv 11.3M)

Photo of Dr Aziz Sahu-Khan

Dr Aziz Sahu-Khan (wmv 12.7M)


JHCH Cleft Palate Clinic dates 2017

February 9
March 9
April 6
May 4
June 1
June 29
July 27
August 24
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 14


In addition to these dates, the Cleft Palate Clinic provides a limited outreach service to Tamworth and Coffs Harbour.

For Cleft Palate Clinic appointments, phone: 02 4921 3750 paediatric outpatient department.

A current referral from the child's GP is required for clinic appointments. Referral letters are current for 12 months.

A progress report from the child's local speech pathology service is appreciated.


Medicare's Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme

Children with cleft lip or palate are eligible for subsidised dental and orthodontic care until they reach the age of 28 years.




This webpage pertains to management of children by the John Hunter Children?s Hospital Cleft Palate Team. The resource information is aimed at qualified speech pathologists working within the geographical area of the Northern Child Health Network. It assumes a working knowledge of articulation and phonological processes in paediatric populations.

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