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Aboriginal child and family health resources

The Northern Child Health Network (NCHN) acknowledges the traditional owners of the land covering our Local Health Districts and would like to remind others that we live and work on Aboriginal land.

One of the Key Performance Indicators for the NCHN is to identify and improve services for Aboriginal people and other disadvantaged groups. We have been involved in enhancement funded projects for some years to try and meet this KPI. We have included links below to assist Health Professionals provide culturally appropriate information for children and their family. If you know of any other resources we should include please contact the NCHN.

Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet is a great site to visit for lots of resources. Some other useful links are:

Below are links to culturally appropriate resources which have been developed within the Northern NSW (NNSW) Local Health District (LHD) to address issues raised by Aboriginal children and their families when negotiating their way through the Public Health system. NNSW LHD have kindly agreed to make these resources available for use across NSW. It may be necessary for small changes to be made to adapt the resources to your local area. Please contact the NCHN if you wish to obtain the high quality artwork in order to have any of these resources printed or get in touch with the graphic artist to arrange for localisation.


Dental - Strong smiles program

  • DVD (wmv 140M) - contact NCHN for copies

  • Magnets

Strong smiles program magnetStrong smiles program magnet

  • Posters

Strong smiles program posterStrong smiles program posterStrong smiles program poster


Hospital visits

Triage - who goes first in emergency poster

  • Who you might see when you come to ED - visual of what uniforms staff wear

What uniforms staff wear poster



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