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Welcome to the Child Health Network Allied to Kids (A2K) website!

Providing education, support and clinical resources to Allied Health professionals working with children across NSW.

The NSW Child Health Networks are currently collaborating on the Allied Health Clinical Education and Support program. The program employs an Allied Health Educator in each of the Child Health Networks to address the education, training and workforce issues for Allied Health professionals who work with children across all areas of NSW.

The Child Health Network Allied Health Educators would like to personally welcome you to the website, please take some time to browse the site!


Notice Board

2014 Allied Health Telehealth

Registrations for Allied Health Telehealth will now occur online. The web link for registration for the upcoming session can be found below. Please remember that the following information will be required when registering your videoconference site (please note that you cannot register your computer details):

  • Accurate VIDEOCONFERENCE IP address/ISDN/alias details and phone number for the specific videoconference room to be used for the Telehealth session.
  • Name and phone number for a nominated local contact.
  • Name and phone number for a local IT representative.

Ensure that you keep these details handy as they will be required each time you register for a session.

For more information about specific sessions please view the Allied Health Telehealth Calendar.

November 11 - The videoconference 'The evolution and treatment of a child with CP' was presented by Lauren Harley, Service Co-Coordinator and senior Physiotherapist in orthopaedics/cerebral palsy at the Children's Hospital at Westmead and Stephanie Ball, senior Physiotherapist in orthopaedics/cerebral palsy at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. Please remember to complete your evaluation online at

November 25 - The videoconference 'Dental Health for Children with Additional Needs - Part 2' will be presented by Professor Richard Widmer, Westmead Centre for Oral Health. Please note that registrations have now closed.

December 9 - The videoconference 'Paediatric Burns' will be presented by Cheri Templeton, The Children's Hospital, Westmead. To register for this session please complete your details at Please note that registrations must be completed online by 12 noon on the 3rd December 2014.

2015 Allied Health Telehealth

The dates for Allied Health Telehealth for the first half of 2015 are February 10, February 24, March 10, March 24, April 21, May 5, May 19, June 2 and June 16. Further information about specific sessions will be available in 2015.


Expressions of interest for the Allied Health Secondment Program have now CLOSED

Another call for Expressions of Interest will occur later in 2014.

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